About NBA Betting in Canada


Betting on the NBA is also becoming increasingly popular in America.


The bettors have therefore taken on the task of covering the most important issues surrounding the tip options strongest basketball league in the world on this page. More info about NBA Betting


Most important bet types at NBA bets

Generally, NBA bets distinguish between five main prize variants. Here are the popular and important types of bets:

  • Money Line

    By far the most important bet on the NBA is the so-called Money Line, just like NFL bets.

    This is the equivalent of the normal win bet or 1-X-2 bet in football . So it's simply about which team wins the game.

    The main difference to the three-way bet in football, however, is that this is just a two-way bet.

    Since NBA or basketball matches can not end in a draw, the money line is also asked by the bookmakers for the final result, including any overtime.


  • NBA Money Line Betting

    * Ratings as of 11.01.2019, 17:55. Information provided without guarantee. The quotas are subject to ongoing adjustments and may have changed in the meantime.

    Thus, the quota level is a bit lower compared to 1-X-2 betting on football matches.

    However, because you only have to decide between tip "1" or "2", the probability of winning is significantly higher for the most important NBA bet type.

    Sport tippers should always be aware of the money line bets on which team is really the home team and which is the away team.

    The various bookmakers arrange the clubs in the pairings partly different - it may be the case that a bookie first calls the away team, but in another bookmaker in the same match is the home team of the former.

    Incidentally, the Americans always call the guest team first in a certain pairing.

    So if, for example, the Boston Celtics receive the Los Angeles Lakers in their home TD Garden, the match is officially called: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Lakers. Boston Celtics.


Advantages & Disadvantages of NBA Betting

NBA bets are not only a treat for true basketball connoisseurs and fans, but can also provide the football tipster a welcome change to the daily betting routine.


We betting fans have summarized below a few pros & cons of betting on the NBA:

The advantages with NBA bets

  • There are tons of games. Sometimes it can happen that in one night tens of games take place. The regular season includes a total of 82 matches for each of the 30 teams in the NBA. Then follow the playoffs with Best of 7 series. The best clubs can come to over 100 games per season. The betting opportunities are therefore almost unlimited.
  • There is no winter break like in football. The season usually starts mid / end of October and goes to early / mid-June (including playoffs) - so a game lasts for about nine months.
  • The odds are extremely attractive to most bookmakers. Of the best bookmakers, the quota key of NBA matches often amounts to about 96-97%.
  • In the winning bet or money line bet, the most important bet for NBA bets, the sport tipper has to decide only between tip "1" or "2". Since basketball matches can not end in a tie (in a draw after 48 minutes, there is one - or more - 5-minute overtime until a winner is determined), falls off an "X" as in football, therefore, the risk clearly minimized.
  • Due to the tight schedule, successful outlook tips are more likely than in other leagues / sports. It may happen that a team, for example, the second game in two days or the third game in four days or even the fifth game in seven days deny, while the opponent had a much longer break between games. In addition, there is the possibility that a team is just on a longer "road trip" and the travel crazes can certainly play a role. The game plan should therefore always be included in the betting decision, because a look at it can bring a decisive advantage.
  • Sporttipper, whose bets are based mainly or even on statistics, will be delighted with NBA bets. The NBA itself as well as many US sports media offer a veritable statistic temple with stats for all teams, players and coaches.
  • Long-term bets are abundant and due to the many statistics on the NBA can draw good conclusions for the betting decision.
  • Live bets are also very attractive. The many interruptions during the games (time outs, media time outs, quarter breaks, halftime break, fouls / free throws, ...) also give the Tippers enough time to analyze the respective match and submit the live bet based on it.
  • In the playoffs are due to the Best of 7 series favorite tips much safer than in football. The home advantage also plays a major role in the postseason.


The disadvantages of NBA betting

  • The games take place mainly at mid-America time until late at night.
  • Some bookies call the home team first in a match match, others call the guest team the first. Tippers should always know before betting and, if necessary, check again which team really has the home advantage. Officially, the Americans are always the guest team of the first. Eg: Is the game official (by the NBA, not necessarily the bookmaker) Los Angeles Lakers Vs. Boston Celtics, the match will take place in Boston.
  • Due to the tight schedule and the differences in the schedules of the teams, unforeseen outsider victories can often occur, especially in the regular season. Sometimes stars and / or older / battered / important players are spared because of the enormous number of matches.



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